Dominican Academy of Gastronomy promotes culinary heritage in Sabor Fusión

Since March 2018, the ADG has been developing initiatives to encourage research, dissemination, protection and promotion of Dominican gastronomy and its international positioning. Far from being a school of teachings, the institution brings together an outstanding selection of academics who lend their time, knowledge and resources to care for the cultural and intangible heritage that represents the Dominican gastronomic heritage, while promoting the modernization of indigenous practices taking into account the new gastronomic trends that propose a focus on healthy, supportive, sustainable and satisfying food.

Within the framework of Sabor Fusión, the ADG, together with the Ministry of Tourism, MITUR, presented the recent edition of the Dominican Gastronomic Guide, a promotional tool in which the reader can appreciate an account of the origins, evolution and current situation of the country’s wide range of food offerings. This informative piece also offers information on the different products and dishes typical of each province, a glossary with terms of Dominican gastronomic culture, as well as a selection of local recipes chosen from the books of master chef Esperanza Lithgow and adapted to the format of the guide by chef Ana Lebrón.

During the congress, Luis Ros, president of the Academy, presented a conference entitled “Past, present and future of Dominican gastronomy” in which participants were able to learn about the different stages in the evolution of this important element of the Dominican Republic’s culture, economy and tourism.

The ADG also accompanied the Dominican cooks during the three days of the congress: María Marte (2 Michelin stars), Ana Lebrón (gold medal), Pamela Gonell and Chef Tita, in different training activities and “masterclasses”, as well as the chefs, mixologists and master pastry chefs who from Spain and other parts of the world took place at the meeting held on February 23, 24 and 25 at the Breathless Punta Cana Hotel, to present the latest in products, recipes, techniques and instruments that set the main trends in gastronomy.

During the closing ceremony, the Sabor Fusión 2022 awards were presented, where the ADG was recognized for its commitment to the promotion of Dominican gastronomy. The award was received by chef María Marte and Geo Ripley, visual artist and advisor to the Ministry of Culture, both members of the Academy.


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