First Sabor Fusion Congress with the best of Dominican and Spanish gastronomy

Defining the Dominican Republic as a benchmark for the hospitality industry in the Caribbean, the first Sabor Fusión Gastronomy and Tourism Congress was launched to promote the potential and heritage of Spanish and Quintana Roo gastronomy.

The event, which receives the support of the Ministry of Tourism (MITUR) as one of its main sponsors, will offer for three days, 23, 24 and 25 of this month, more than 20 lectures, 9 masterclasses, book signings and nearly 50 stands of exhibitors presenting a variety of products and services of companies and related entities.

The opening ceremony of this congress, with Spain as the guest country, and taking place at Breathless Punta Cana and Resorts, was led by its CEO, Javier Plaza, the president of the Dominican Academy of Gastronomy, Luis Ros, and the Dominican Republic’s ambassador to Spain, Juan Bolívar Díaz, gave a virtual welcome to the event.

Plaza defined Sabor Fusión as a “trojan horse” due to the wide acceptance received in a few months in social networks and the media, the support received from the Ministry of Tourism, sponsoring companies and important allies that joined this project, which has become a great stimulus for future deliveries.

Luis Ros, for his part, affirmed that “this congress will become an agent of change to promote Dominican gastronomy, which will be at the forefront of this great stage”, while thanking the organizers for having the courage to believe and trust in the Dominican Republic.

Among the main representatives of Quisqueya, the congress will count with the participation of Inés Páez Nin (chef Tita), ambassador of the new Dominican cuisine, who will speak on the theme: “Dominican Republic reserved for you”.

Likewise, María Marte, (2 Michelin stars) will share her experiences on “Dominican gastronomy: delight for the world”; and Ana Lebrón, gold medalist in the Culinary Art category, will speak on “The value of the world culinary medal in the positioning of the country’s brand”.

The session of presentations began this first day with the director and CEO of Sabor Fusión Patricia Cohén and Álvaro Amaya, at the round table Sabor Fusión, journey and philosophy, where they addressed the effort to materialize the congress in the midst of the pandemic.

Next, the experienced Dominican chef Pedro Mota spoke on “The art of telling stories through a dish”, presenting “de cabo a rabo”, an exquisite dish made from beef parts such as tongue and tail, accompanied by crispy rice and smoked fish broth, chimichurri sauce, among other ingredients.

Sommelier David Robledo highlighted the importance of Spain’s sweet wines and the difference between “naturally sweet wines and natural sweet wines”.

Among the objectives of the first Sabor Fusión, Gastronomy and Tourism congress is to strengthen the tourism link between Spain and the Dominican Republic, as well as to learn first-hand about Dominican gastronomic trends and products.

It also seeks to position the Dominican Republic as a gastronomic tourist destination, indispensable at the international level, and to promote Dominican gastronomy as a relevant element in the gastronomic space of Spain and the European Union.

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