Gastronomy of Central America and the Dominican Republic, universes of flavor served in one dish

The gastronomy of the countries of Central America and the Dominican Republic is the sum of the indigenous heritage perfectly blended with African and European influences, served in dishes that allow visitors to enjoy the guts of this region.

Corn is the common denominator of the gastronomy, but other ingredients such as yucca, black and red beans, peanuts, rice, chili peppers, avocado, cocoa, pineapple, bananas, coconut, among others, also stand out. The secret of the regional cuisine lies in the use of many very particular and local spices resulting in unique flavors.

In Belize travelers will find Caribbean and Anglo-Saxon food, but without a doubt the idea of succulent lobster dishes is tempting enough to enjoy in the popular beach destinations of the Central American country. Guatemala is a mosaic of contrasts and culinary customs descended from the different Mayan ethnic groups, being the Jocón, the Pepián, the Kaq’ik, the Plátanos en Mole, and the Frijoles con Chicharrón some of the most emblematic dishes that every traveler should try.

Pupusas are the gastronomic ambassadors of El Salvador, a delicious mixture of rice or corn dough filled with cheese, beans, meats and herbs typical of its indigenous culture. For its part, Honduras captivates the palate of the most curious with Baleadas, its traditional dish. It also offers Creole and African mixtures, among them the Garifuna cuisine with an infinity of Caribbean dishes based on coconut such as Tapado.

Nicaragua offers dishes that highlight its varied gastronomic tradition, which has been built up over the years to result in a quite diverse culinary menu, including Nacatamal, Indio Viejo, Vigorón, Quesillo, Mondongo soup and Rodón. At the same time, in Costa Rica you can find the Casado, a traditional lunch where rice is integrated with beans and pasta, accompanied by picadillo, some kind of meat, fried plantain and salad.

Panama, a destination characterized by its Afro-Antillean cuisine, stands out in the world for its famous Sancocho, a kind of stew made with various types of meat and tubers. In addition, the Tulemasi, an emblematic dish of Guna gastronomy, highlights the country’s indigenous heritage. The Dominican Republic gives the world its typical dish called the Dominican flag, a huge plate with rice and beans, with chicken or meat, accompanied by a salad, avocado and fried plantain that promises to delight every palate.


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