A new health proposal arrives in the Dominican Republic

Representatives of the Spanish company ‘asistensi’, which offers health insurance for emergencies and medical emergencies for the families of Dominican immigrants, presented its value offer, alliances and plans in the Dominican Republic.

The proposal offers virtual or telephone medical assistance, home medical care, ambulance transfers, virtual consultations with specialists, clinical laboratory tests and coverage for medical emergencies in health centers.

To guarantee a good result, it has the backing of the best companies in the sector in a single plan: ProMed, Laboratorios Amadita and Humano Seguros, the latter being the insurance company that provides coverage in health centers.

Alejandra Orsini, general manager of ‘asistensi’ for the Dominican Republic, explained during a lunch at La Bodega, that, thanks to its technology and innovative risk and claims admission model, they can achieve the inclusion of people traditionally excluded from insurance and improve the customer experience while at the same time providing them with significant savings.


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