Bionuclear introduces Liason XS: a new vision in immunology

The company is a market leader with a 45-year track record in the service of healthcare and laboratories in the DR.

Bionuclear introduced the new Liason XS analyzer, a state-of-the-art solution for the specialized immunodiagnostic segment, adopting ‘Flash’ chemiluminescence (CLIA) technology that offers the broadest test menu in the industry.

Bionuclear is a leading company in the market with a 45-year track record in the service of healthcare and laboratories in the DR.

For years, Bionuclear has represented DiaSorin, an Italian company leader in the laboratory diagnostics market, focused on biotechnology and known worldwide, committed for more than 50 years to the development of products in the immunodiagnostic segments.

Bionuclear, during this path of alliance with Diasorin, offers clinical laboratories in the country a valuable platform to support clinical diagnostics and adds to its catalog of services a new vision in Immunology, with which they test the future in the present.

To announce this good news, a cocktail party was held, at which Miguel Lambertus, Bionuclear’s commercial director, gave the welcoming remarks, emphasizing that the company has been committed to offering modern strategies in the diagnostic, medical, hospital and industrial areas.

He added: “Bionuclear is always providing simplicity to processes, consolidating and automating; meeting the needs of clinical laboratories and collaborating in timely diagnosis, we want to give a new vision in Immunology by incorporating Liason XS to our portfolio. In each service we offer value delivery with high benefit performance in the laboratory organization.”

On behalf of DiaSorin, Adolfo Freyre, General Manager for Latin America, addressed the audience, highlighting that Liason XS improves efficiency in immunoassay laboratories due to the particular characteristics of this new analyzer, which is fully automated and easy to use.

In that sense, Freyre pointed out that the vision of Liason XS is to enable laboratories to have a broad profile of immunology tests to maintain the most stringent demands and quality standards, ensuring the reliability of the results.

Through Liason XS, even in low-volume laboratories, higher productivity and efficiency can be achieved “This is a fully automated system with innovative design and reduced dimensions. This platform has an intuitive and comprehensive software that allows the operator to manage the needs and efficiently organize the workflow of activities.”

The event, held in the Piantini Room of the JW Marriot Hotel, was attended by the main executives of both companies, as well as representatives of the main clinical laboratories and the health sector of the country.

About Bionuclear

Bionuclear, founded in 1978 in the Dominican Republic, is a fast growing healthcare company committed to providing excellence in products and services in each of the market segments it serves, such as: clinical laboratory, hemodialysis, sterilization, vaccines, infusion pumps and dermocosmetics.

Bionuclear provides: excellent product lines, timely customer service and healthcare professionals dedicated to exceeding customer expectations. For more information about products and services you can visit or follow our networks @bionuclearrd


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