Dominican Republic begins to require covid vaccination card

The Dominican Republic began this Monday to require the vaccination card against covid-19 in public spaces and on public transport, a measure adopted to encourage citizens who have so far resisted to be inoculated.

On this first day, there were doubts among citizens, disparate criteria in the application of the new restrictions and also, in some cases, discussions in some commercial establishments.

By disposition of the Ministry of Health, as of this Monday, people over 12 years of age must present their vaccination card or a recent PCR test in their places of work or studies, places of leisure and in public transportation.

In the Santo Domingo metro, through which thousands of people pass every day, users “have behaved excellently” on this first day, Luis Jesús Ventura, health inspector in the metro, told Efe.

This Monday has been considered a kind of “test period” and those not vaccinated have been allowed to pass, but starting Tuesday, all users must present the card to enter the subway.

“There has been no unrest yet, that’s the luck, people are complying with the provision,” Ventura said.

The obligation to present the vaccination card caused discussions in several commercial banks, Efe verified.

At the door of a bank a man, identified as Manuel Núñez, complained that security prevented him from entering because he was not vaccinated despite presenting a PCR test that he keeps on his cell phone, but which was done two weeks ago.

“In case I can’t get in, they should give me my money because I’m not here to commit a crime, what I am is a user of the bank,” Nunez told Efe after confessing that he has not been vaccinated against the coronavirus, but that he plans to do so “later”.

A heated discussion took place in another bank branch, where a man, who refused to identify himself but confessed that he has not been immunized either, demanded the return of his deposits if he was not allowed to enter.

According to data provided on Monday by the Minister of Health, Daniel Rivera, 405,000 people were vaccinated in the last week after the announcement of the measure which, precisely, seeks to accelerate the rate of inoculation against covid-19 in the country, where the delta variant circulates.

Last week, the country surpassed the 5 million vaccinated with two doses against covid-19, according to official data, which represents about 59% of the target population.

Since the beginning of the pandemic in March 2020, 371,447 people have tested positive for covid-19 in the country and 4,090 of them have died, according to data from the daily bulletin of the Ministry of Public Health.

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