Government buys 85 million pesos of medicine that would prevent covid severity

Just when for the third consecutive day the daily positivity of COVID-19 in the country increases, reaching almost 14 percent on Wednesday, the Ministry of Public Health presented a new drug acquired for 85 million pesos to avoid the hospitalization of patients with coronavirus.

While tocilizumab, used for serious patients, is becoming scarce due to the demand in other countries, according to the Minister of Health.

It is the high-cost drug REGEN-COV, the new drug acquired by the authorities with which they seek to avoid the aggravations and mortality caused by coronavirus.

“We are the first Latin American country to have this drug that acts towards neutralizing antibodies that prevent the patient from becoming serious, this drug will be applied in patients over 18 years of age who have positive PCR test that have less than 7 days or who are in serious conditions,” said Daniel Rivera.

The Minister of Health said that the country acquired a first batch of 1,000 vials, at a value of 85,000 pesos each, and that it will serve to avoid up to 75 percent of patient admissions.

The official informed that the new component will be available in health centers in Santo Domingo and Santiago. As of Wednesday, it will be available at the Robert Reid Cabral and Jose Maria Cabral y Baez hospitals.

In order to avoid the use of this medication, the health minister recommended the population to be vaccinated with the three doses since at least 80 percent of the people admitted for COVID-19 are not inoculated, while the daily positivity continues to increase.

According to the authorities, it costs about 1,680 pesos to be vaccinated with three doses, which would avoid spending between 1,500,000 and 2 million pesos on a patient admitted to an intensive care unit.

With respect to the issuance of the vaccination passport, the health and immigration authorities are still working on its design, according to Public Health.
Where the drug is available

President Estrella Ureña Regional University Hospital
Corominas Clinic
Unión Médica del Norte Clinic
Santiago Metropolitan Hospital

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