Hundreds of officers and new equipment for patrolling duties

The communities of La Zurza, Ensanche La Fe and La Puya, in Arroyo Hondo, received yesterday, Tuesday, the citizen security plan “My Safe Country”, with news of the integration of more law enforcement personnel and new equipment for the protection of these sectors.

The program, which started on June 5 in Cristo Rey, will bring to these neighborhoods more than 250 agents who will be added to the patrolling.

During the beginning of the program yesterday in these communities, the Minister of Interior and Police, Jesus “Chu” Vasquez, pointed out that eight new vans and 11 new motorcycles will also be incorporated to the preventive work in these sectors.

On his side, the general director of the National Police, Edward Ramón Sánchez González, indicated that 250 bullet-proof vests, 200 batons, 50 pairs of handcuffs and other tools were delivered to reinforce the presence of agents in the zone.

The Minister of Interior and Police also announced other actions to help the economy of households, through the Institute of Price Stabilization (Inespre), for the sale of fresh products at low prices so that people can stock up on basic necessities, while the economic canteens will also be present with cooked food, through their mobile kitchens.

Objectives of the plan
Regarding the security initiative launched last June 5 by the Government of Luis Abinader, the Minister of Interior and Police, Jesús “Chu” Vásquez, affirmed that it is “the most comprehensive in terms of security that has ever been carried out in the Dominican Republic”.

At that time, the minister was confident that this “will mark a before and after in Cristo Rey, since the integration of its main leaders, political, social, religious, business, community and other actors who influence the decision making of this neighborhood, shows their commitment not only with their sector, but with the peace and tranquility of the country”.

He declared that this step means that “the time has come to get the illegal weapons that are in the hands of unconscionable people off the streets” and thus reduce the dismal numbers of firearms to a minimum…”

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