In Puerto Plata, Minister of Environment listens to sectors and informs on projects and works executed by the government

Fulfilling the provisions of President Luis Abinader through the “Government in the Provinces”, the Minister of Environment and Natural Resources, Orlando Jorge Mera, visited Puerto Plata, where the Dominican State is developing 31 infrastructure projects.

In a meeting with community, religious, merchants and members of the private sector, the minister explained the projects and advances that the Government has had in these almost two years in this demarcation, while listening to the concerns of those present, which will serve as a basis to initiate new works in favor of the community.

Only in the province of Puerto Plata, the government of President Luis Abinader has invested RD$3,636,104,616 in infrastructures that benefit a population of more than 329 thousand inhabitants.

The projects are divided by municipality, covering Puerto Plata, Imbert, Los Hidalgos, Guananico, Luperón, Sosúa, Villa Isabela and Villa Montellano. Of the planned works, the State has already completed eight projects.

These works consist of the construction of the Gran Parada-La Vigía-El Copey highway, the rehabilitation of the wastewater treatment plant in Playa Dorada, the Long Beach, Padre Granero 1 and Bello Costero pumping stations, as well as the construction of the La Hebra aqueduct.

Likewise, construction of 14 economic buildings, 70 single-family homes, intervention in the creation and repair of more than 20 schools throughout the province, construction of the Joaquín Mendoza Hospital in Sosúa and the Los Hidalgos Municipal Hospital, among other major projects.

Likewise, Orlando Jorge Mera explained that in this province alone 24,215 households are benefiting through the Supérate Program with the Aprende, Aliméntate, Bono Gas, Bono Luz and Avanza programs.

These are divided as follows: Altamira with 3,486 households; Guananico 1,132; Imbert 3009; Luperón 2478; San Felipe 14,298; Sosúa 2,857 and Villa Isabela 2,478.

In this way, Jorge Mera explained the progress made by the Government in terms of remittances, tourism, international reserves and foreign investment, factors that help the Dominican Republic to absorb the external shocks of the geopolitical conflict in Russia and Ukraine.

“Government revenues so far in 2022, have been 11.3% higher than estimated and 19.4% higher than the same period in 2021,” the minister said.

Similarly, he explained how the Agricultural Bank through April 2022 granted 1,950 loans, with a formalized amount of RD$ RD$ 2,727,496,105 and a disbursed amount of RD$ RD$ 2,570,985,067.

In the area of agriculture, the State has impacted 1,645,096 tareas that have been planted, for an increase of 83,048 tareas in relation to 2021.

Of this amount, 59,500 meters were used for the creation of new greenhouses and 2,600 meters of rehabilitated greenhouses.

On the other hand, in view of the COVID-19 pandemic situation, 15,627,021 doses of vaccine have been administered nationwide.

Also, some 20,218 people are registered in the Program for the Timely Detection of Cervical-Uterine, Breast and Prostate Cancer. More than 4,860 people have been screened in the mobile operations for the timely detection of cancer. Of the total registered, 2,725 were screened in the Breast program and 2,135 in the Prostate program.

In the area of education, the Government has provided electronic equipment to 70% of the students enrolled in public schools.

In addition, 94% of students nationwide benefit from the School Feeding Program.

From 2020 to date, several drinking water systems have been intervened, managing to increase the monthly production of this liquid and thus guaranteeing access to water to the inhabitants, with an investment of RD$4,947,447.70, “which obtained a production of drinking water of 53,816,888.18 m3/month”.

The electric sector presents a reduction of 4.3% of the Energy Loss Index with respect to 2021, having a demand satisfaction index of 98.7%.


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