In the last four years, 51 hospitals and 570 PHCC have been handed over

In the last four years, the country’s healthcare network has achieved an unprecedented transformation with the inauguration and refurbishment of 51 public hospitals and more than 570 Primary Care Centers distributed throughout the country.

Under the leadership of Dr. Mario Lama, the National Health Service (SNS) has far surpassed the goals set by its ambitious plan for public health infrastructure, attraction of human talent and acquisition of equipment, which began in 2020 with an investment of more than RD 2 billion.

“We are seeing progress that can match the progress achieved in a decade. Our commitment to improving the health conditions and well-being of Dominicans has made this achievement possible, consequently benefiting all of society,” stated SNS director Dr. Mario Lama.

He also highlighted the strengthening of the Neonatal Intensive Care Units and the implementation of hypothermia therapies in key hospitals. In this context, he also highlighted the positive impact of the installation of 14 units for the Diagnosis of Cardiac Pathologies in Newborns. These units have played a crucial role in enabling the early detection and treatment of congenital cardiac conditions, significantly improving the quality of life of newborns. To date, more than 28,605 cardiac diagnoses have been made, ensuring timely medical interventions.

At the same time, state-of-the-art equipment has been acquired, such as tomographs, devices for Neonatal Intensive Care Units and specialized machines for oncology and diabetic foot treatments, improvements that have strengthened the diagnostic and treatment capacity of hospitals, reflected in impressive numbers, quantity of laboratory tests, imaging studies and surgeries.

The SNS has also created four new directorates: Nursing, Dentistry, Infrastructure, Clinical Laboratories and Imaging and has formed the Department of Mental Health, a significant advance for the country. It has also promoted the certification of 168 public health centers with Pharmacotherapeutic Guidelines and has integrated 100 new hospitals into the Public Administration Monitoring System (Sismap Salud-Hospital Centers Module), thus guaranteeing standardization and compliance with high standards of quality and efficiency.

Welfare for all provinces

Among the works delivered to the country under the umbrella of the SNS plan are: the expansion of the Dr. Robert Reid Cabral Children’s Hospital and the inauguration of the Emergency Area and the Oncology Unit of the Hospital de Especialidades Médicas Dr. Félix María Goico. Félix María Goico Medical Specialties Hospital in Santo Domingo; the start of construction of a new hospital in Miches, El Seibo; the refurbishment of the Arroyo Blanco First Level Center in Santiago Rodríguez and the start of construction of the Diabetic Foot and Oncology Unit of the Inmaculada Concepción Provincial Hospital in Sánchez Ramírez.

Other important infrastructures include the refurbishment of the Dr. Ramón Adriano Villalona Hospital in Dajabón and the delivery of the Jima Abajo Municipal Hospital in La Vega. Likewise, the construction in process of the Dr. Alfredo González Gil Roldán Municipal Hospital, in Bahoruco, and the expansion of the Sabana de la Mar Hospital, in Hato Mayor. In addition, the first maternity and children’s hospital in Barahona and the trauma hospitals in Azua, Sosúa and Higüey are also under construction.

In the country’s second most important city, Santiago de los Caballeros, the SNS has intervened in 10 hospitals and more than eight First Level Centers (CPN) with refurbishment, expansion of areas and provision of state-of-the-art equipment. At the same time, three hospitals were intervened in the province of Espaillat, as well as in Puerto Plata and Valverde. Likewise, multiple hospitals benefited in the provinces of Montecristi, Duarte, Peravia, Independencia, Pedernales, Samaná, San Cristóbal, María Trinidad Sánchez, San José de Ocoa, San Juan de la Maguana, Azua and others.

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