Innovation in Parkinson’s treatmen

A drug designed to treat Parkinson’s disease in tablet format, the first and only functionally divisible drug composed of carbidopa and levodopa, was presented to the Dominican market.

The novelty was brought by Laboratorios Dumont and is called Pardopa, according to Vladimir de Óleo and Edward Rivera, executives of the pharmaceutical entity who also explain that the fractionated tablet modality is designed with deep grooves that allow patients to divide them precisely to match the recommended dosage.

Nurse with an Elderly“This unique design allows for more precise drug dosing and directly addresses the market need to assist in better titration of the gold standard commonly used by people with Parkinson’s disease, the fastest growing neurological condition in the United States, for which there is currently no cure,” they noted.

They explained that the four segments of each tablet contain 6.25/25 mg of carbidopa/levodopa CD/LD, the smallest and most precise dose available on the market today.

The launch was held as part of the second Neurology 2022 Summit, dedicated to Dr. Mario Tolentino Dipp, father of Dominican neurology, and was endorsed by the Dominican Society of Neurology and Neurosurgery.

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