MAPFRE Salud ARS and Sirena announce “Pink Alert”.

MAPFRE Salud ARS, together with Sirena stores, presented the seventh edition of its “Alerta Rosada” initiative, which consists of educational activities and workshops in Santo Domingo, Santiago, San Cristóbal, La Romana, Higüey and Baní, to promote the importance of prevention and early detection of breast cancer.

The 2021 edition of Alerta Rosada has as its slogan #toquedevida, to remember the importance of prioritizing the prevention of this type of cancer which, like COVID-19, shows worrying statistics, which require attention and action.

According to data from the Global Cancer Observatory, 2.3 million women were diagnosed with breast cancer worldwide in 2020. In the Dominican Republic, the World Health Organization (WHO) estimates that the incidence stands at 17.6% among detected cancer cases, being one of the most common, especially among women.

Since 2014, more than 16 thousand people have benefited from Alerta Rosada with educational talks, consultations and gynecological evaluations, including free sonomamographies. This year, as on previous occasions, those interested will be able to approach selected Sirena branches, where doctors will be performing medical evaluations to rule out warning signs and provide guidance on the necessary care.

Natacha Quiterio, 2nd vice-president of Marketing of MAPFRE Salud ARS, said that “prevention is in the DNA of our company and year after year we move wills between health professionals and companies like Grupo Ramos which, through its Sirena brand, allow us to reach more Dominicans with this social responsibility program that has proven to be very important, as it can save lives through timely diagnoses”.

Doris Alburquerque, manager of Prevention and Promotion of the ARS, called on Dominicans to get motivated to participate in these days. “In the last edition of Alerta Rosada that we were able to make face-to-face, in 2019, we detected 317 suspected cases that received close and timely follow-up, with a positive impact on the prognosis of these patients,” she highlighted.

The Sirena brand, under the umbrella of Grupo Ramos, supports this initiative for the seventh consecutive year, providing its branches with the highest flow of people for the installation of the mobile clinics where the medical days are held, thus achieving a greater reach and impact.

“We are pleased to once again be part of this program together with MAPFRE Salud ARS, making our Sirena stores available to customers, employees and visitors, as a way to carry a message of prevention about breast cancer. With this alliance we reaffirm our commitment to health and life, to continue sharing great emotions with Dominicans,” said Ana Maria Ramos, leader of Advertising and Promotions of Grupo Ramos.

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