Medical insurance dedicated to the Dominican Diaspora created

Dominicans abroad can apply for a health plan for their relatives in the DR.

Asistensi is a company that offers health insurance for emergencies and medical emergencies for family members of Dominican immigrants.

This health insurance can include people up to 80 years of age, who are generally excluded from traditional health plans.

Residents abroad can apply for a health plan for their family members with monthly, quarterly and annual payments.

The company, which recently opened its doors in the Dominican Republic, is affiliated with companies such as Humanos Seguros and Laboratorios Amadita, which will be offering their services through this health agency.

Asistensi provides medical coverage so that the families of Dominican migrants are always protected, offering medical assistance, virtual consultations with specialists, laboratory tests and coverage for medical emergencies in almost all health centers in the country.

Its executive president, Mr. Andrés Simón González-Silen, indicated that asistensi is created so that all people can have access to dignified emergency health coverage, regardless of their condition or where they live.

“We have created the best health plan for medical emergencies with immediate medical attention, and the technological platform that allows us to help immigrants take care of their loved ones in the Dominican Republic, regardless of the distances,” said González.

For her part, CEO Alejandra Orsini emphasized that this is a medical plan for all Dominicans regardless of their clinical picture or medical condition.

“The plans range from 1,600 pesos and upwards and we have all kinds of specialists, from family medicine to pediatrics and cardiology”.


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