MPH delivers 50 motorcycles and fumigation equipment to DPS-DAS

In an initiative aimed at strengthening the fight against vector-borne diseases, the Ministry of Public Health delivered 50 motorcycles equipped for the effective monitoring of diseases such as dengue, through the Provincial Directorates and Health Areas (DPS-DAS).

This acquisition, with a significant investment of more than 5 million pesos, represents an advance in the efforts to combat diseases.

The Minister of Health, Dr. Victor Atallah, made the delivery to the heads of the 32 DPS, as well as those of the 8 Health Areas that cover Greater Santo Domingo, and highlighted the work they are doing to maintain the low incidence of dengue fever in the country, despite the forecasts announced for the region by the Pan American Health Organization (PAHO).

“These teams are part of a first group of tools that will be made available to all Provincial Health Directorates (DPS) and Health Area Directorates (DAS) to make the fight against the mosquito that transmits dengue more efficient. This initiative not only strengthens the capacity to respond to outbreaks of vector-borne diseases, but also reflects a firm commitment to the continuous improvement of public health in the country,” said the Minister of Health.

Atallah emphasized that the work carried out in each demarcation has contributed to achieving PAHO’s recognition, since the Dominican Republic maintains “control of dengue, leading the countries of the region”.

The tools also include thermal fogging equipment for fumigation, an effective method that produces an ultra-fine mist of concentrated insecticides, capable of reaching small spaces and high ceilings without harming people, animals or plants.

This spraying process is safe for both humans and pets, and complements other vector control activities, such as the proper capping of tanks, elimination of breeding sites, application of larvicides and maintenance of a clean environment.

The acquisition of the motorcycles is accompanied by the implementation of a comprehensive training program on road safety and healthy driving for those responsible for the deployment of the motorcycles.

In addition, thanks to the timely diligence of the Injury and Violence Prevention Program (Prelvi) and with the support of the Vice-Ministry of Strengthening and Development of the Health Sector, the United Nations Development Program (UNDP) donated 50 helmets.

Part of the equipment will be distributed to the Center for the Prevention and Control of Vector-borne and Zoonotic Diseases (Cecovez).

Present at the ceremony were the Vice Ministers, Eladio Pérez, of Collective Health, responsible for the management of the motorcycles, Miguel Rodríguez Viñas, of Strengthening and Development of the Health Sector, Raysa Bello, of Social Assistance, as well as the director of Prelvi, Julio César de León and other officials of the institution.

The symbolic reception of the fumigation equipment and the key of a motorcycle was in charge of the directors of DPS, Duarte, Dr. Zenaida Antigua, of Duarte, and Carolina Núñez, of Santiago.


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