New director sworn in for North Central Regional Health Service

The director of the National Health Service (SNS), Dr. Mario Lama, appointed Bernardo Antonio Hilario Reyes as the new director of the North Central Regional Health Service (SRS), a position previously held by the late Manuel Jacinto Lora Perelló.

Hilario Reyes, who was the director of the José María Cabral y Báez Regional Hospital in Santiago, is a Doctor of Medicine with a specialty in General Surgery.

He also holds a Master’s degree in Health Center Management and a Diploma in Strategic Management and Contemporary Public Management, as well as a degree in Law.

The physician has held executive positions in a university council and health guilds, and is also a university professor.

He is committed to continue with the valuable work and legacy of Dr. Lora Perelló, working with dedication and devotion so that the residents of the provinces of Espaillat, Santiago and Puerto Plata continue to receive timely health care in decent conditions.

“From this new position, I am committed to continue contributing to the strengthening of health services in the North Central region, giving body and soul to continue advancing towards the transformation that is taking place in the Public Health Services Network, which is a priority of President Luis Abinader,” said Hilario Reyes.

Dr. Manuel Jacinto Lora Perelló

The cardiologist Manuel Jacinto Lora Perelló, who was the director of the SRS Norcentral, suffered a craniocerebral trauma due to a fall caused by a cerebrovascular accident. He was treated for more than a week in a private center in Santiago and died in Houston, Texas, United States, hours after being transferred.

Family, friends, doctors and other personalities, among them Vice President Raquel Peña and Dr. Mario Lama, said their last goodbyes to Lora Perelló last Saturday at the Fuente de Luz cemetery in Santiago.

The Council of Aldermen of the Santiago City Council declared two days of municipal mourning for the death of the doctor, from noon on Friday until noon on Sunday.

New director Cabral y Báez sworn in

The executive director of the National Health Service, Mario Lama, also swore in Dr. Jose Luis Bautista Sosa as the new director of the Jose Maria Cabral y Baez Hospital, replacing Bernardo Antonio Hilario Reyes.

The new director of the Cabral y Baez Hospital, who is an orthopedic-traumatologist, assumed the commitment to work in favor of the health of the patients, with transparency and honesty, and to continue the mystique of responsible and professional work of the management he replaces, for the benefit of the thousands of users of the 14 provinces that receive services at the aforementioned health center.

Dr. Bautista Sosa served as Emergency Manager at the Cabral y Baez, has a subspecialty in hip and knee joint replacement, holds a master’s degree in Government and Public Policy, a diploma in Social Security and is a professor at the School of Medicine of the Technological University of Santiago (Utesa).

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