PUCMM organizes first congress on Health Tourism

The School of Tourism and Gastronomy of the Pontificia Universidad Católica Madre y Maestra (PUCMM), in coordination with the students of the Events and Meetings Industry Management course of the Hospitality and Tourism career, held the first congress on “Health Tourism: Challenges and Opportunities”.

This academic meeting had the objective of illustrating the growth and evolution of health and wellness tourism in the Dominican Republic, as well as promoting health tourism as a thriving engine of the economy in the Cibao region and the country, with the help of experts from different areas of health.
During the activity, those present learned directly from the experts in the area: the conceptualization of Health Tourism, local and international statistics, elements of competitiveness, the professional human factor, challenges and advances, as well as the role, achievements and plans of the Dominican Association of Health Tourism. They also shared experiences in the adoption of new management systems, international quality accreditation, achievements and projections: Hospital Metropolitano De Santiago (HOMS), Clínica Unión Medica and Grupo Rescue.

The opening words of the event were given by Professor Kenia Rodriguez, director of the School of Tourism and Gastronomy of the Santiago Campus, who thanked all those present for their support, and affirmed that this congress arises with the interest of keeping the students connected with the reality of the tourism sector of the country, achieving the city’s tourism to position itself in one of the best historical moments.

The first conference was presented by a guest of honor, Dr. Hector Sanchez Navarro, International Director of HOMS, entitled: “Experience of HOMS in International Quality Accreditation”, managing to become an example for other centers in the country and the world, working with new areas and studies of high impact for the health of the population, the hospital has achieved in its billboard of services, studies of last generation with modern equipment.

Mrs. Amelia Reyes Mora, vice-president of the Dominican Association of Health Tourism (ADTS), spoke on the subject of Health Tourism in the Dominican Republic, about the significant advances and growth thanks to the innovations implemented in the health centers of the country.PUCMM Congreso de Turismo

Likewise, Dr. Nelson Torres, from the Clínica Unión Medica, spoke about the portfolio for health tourism offered by the clinic and the advanced studies thanks to the innovations of the medical equipment, as well as the new areas for patients with different health conditions.

In addition, the specialists discussed the Challenges and Achievements in the Adoption of New Management Systems and International Accreditation of Health Centers, by Mr. Santiago Roca, Corporate Director of Quality and Technology, Grupo Rescue.

Students from the Faculty of Health Sciences and the School of Tourism and Gastronomy presented their views on Health Tourism in the country.

Alejandro Saint Hilaire, term student of the School of Tourism and Gastronomy and president of the Association of Students of Tourism and Gastronomy (AETG), offered the words of gratitude, who said he felt grateful for all the support provided by the teachers and all those who were part of the organization of the event, he said that it will be the graduates who will be able to design packages for tourists who wish to come to our country for comprehensive health issues. They are the ones indicated to offer a quality service to visitors, he pointed out that from now on they must continue training in languages, design of customer experiences, food safety, service standardization, measurement and evaluation of quality in general, as well as knowing the most demanded accreditations in the market.

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