Santiago Health Tourism destination

Santiago (Dominican R.), one step closer to becoming a Health Tourism Destination

The Senate approves a bill to promote the sustainable development of health and wellness tourism in the province.

The province of Santiago (Dominican Republic) has taken a step closer to becoming a health tourism destination par excellence. The Senate has approved a Bill declaring Santiago as a Health Tourism Province.

The bill states that, in order to promote the sustainable development of health and wellness tourism, it is essential to “provide these activities with the appropriate regulatory framework to carry out the plans, policies, programs and agreements” that will place Santiago at the forefront of this tourism segment.

Also, with this law, international visitors will have special exemptions in clinics and health centers, even if they are not accredited or classified as health tourism centers. Tourists will have a 50% discount on the tax on the transfer of industrialized goods and services (ITBIS), which will be reimbursed upon departure from the Dominican Republic.

But the centers that provide health services to tourists will also have certain advantages. In this sense, the law states that these establishments will receive a 50% deduction of the income tax (ISR).

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