Santo Domingo Tourism Cluster and Santo Domingo Health Cluster develop a rapid response program to medical emergencies

The Santo Domingo Tourism Cluster and the Santo Domingo Health Cluster began the execution of a social entrepreneurship program that seeks to optimize medical security in the Colonial City.

The program, developed by Dr. Amado Alejandro Báez, seeks to articulate rapid response teams to medical emergencies on bicycles of the Municipal Police of the National District, in order to increase the safety of the tourist offer in the Colonial City.

In its first phase, the project consists of the donation by Healthcare Management Solutions/SENSA of advanced cardio pulmonary resuscitation equipment, automatic defibrillators and resources for trauma care.

The aim is to convert Ciudad Colonial into a “cardio-protected” zone, with a defibrillation program for cardiac rhythm disorders with optimal response in less than five minutes, significantly increasing the possibility of survival in the face of certain events associated with cardio-respiratory arrest. The trauma team also includes elements to control bleeding and stabilize traumatic injuries.

This program is complemented by a rigorous training program with international certifications from the American Heart Association and the American College of Surgeons, taught by Dr. Gianmarco Martinez. by Dr. Gianmarco Martinez.

“According to the World Tourism Organization (WTO), medical protection is a fundamental component of security for tourism. This program reflects our commitment to strengthening the medical safety of Dominican tourism. The Colonial City is not only the
The Colonial City is not only the First City of America, but it is also the home of the first hospital in the New World, the San Nicolas de Bari Hospital. It is necessary that all Dominicans and visitors from abroad who come to “La Zona” have an organized system of rapid response to emergencies, articulated with major systems such as the Fire Department and 911,” said Dr. Baez, who is also president of the Santo Domingo Health Cluster.

For the execution of this project, an agreement was signed between the Tourism Cluster and the Santo Domingo Health Cluster, represented by its board members Dr. Amado Alejandro Báez and Mr. Emilio Torres. The agreement was signed on behalf of the Municipal Police by its general director, Lieutenant Colonel Iván Gómez, and the Mayor’s Office of the National District was represented by Claudia Sarante, in charge of Plans and Projects.

This initiative is part of the joint actions defined in the strategic alliance established between both entities in September 2020, with the purpose of promoting and strengthening the health sector in the city, whose capacities have acquired special relevance for the recovery of tourism in the face of the global crisis caused by the virus. tourism in the face of the global crisis caused by the COVID19 virus.

About the Santo Domingo Tourism Cluster
The Santo Domingo Tourism Cluster is a non-profit organization based on a public-private alliance with the active participation of the Ministries of Tourism, Culture and Environment; the Mayor’s Office of the National District and the Commonwealth of Greater Santo Domingo; universities; companies, associations and guilds of the value chain of the tourism sector of Greater Santo Domingo.

About the Santo Domingo Health Cluster
The Santo Domingo Health Cluster is a non-profit association that seeks to create synergies by optimizing the competitiveness and quality of health services in the province of Santo Domingo.

It is part of ASONAHORES and ISQA, and is the national representative of the International Board of Medicine and Surgery.

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