SNS expands Incart’s surgical capacity

The executive director of the National Health Service (SNS), Mario Lama, left in operation four operating rooms at the Rosa Emilia Sanchez Perez de Tavares National Cancer Institute (Incart), a national reference center, which operated with three operating rooms and has been expanded with a total of seven for oncological interventions.

The head of the SNS spoke about the improvements that the health sector has had at the national level, he said that there is no province that has not been impacted in a positive way. “There are still many things to continue improving, but when we look back, it is a long road that has been traveled in health, strengthening service units throughout the country, which is why we are here today, strengthening this center to become the mother institute of oncology.”

He also mentioned that when Dr. Ramirez arrived at Incart as director in 2020, he reported the operation of only two operating rooms, and then with great effort he enabled the third one and now they will have their surgical area at full capacity, with seven operating rooms.

Dr. Mario Lama indicated that this initiative was supported with the delivery of around 10 million pesos in equipment, including five rolling aspirators for secretions; a medium-sized 150-liter electric autoclave; nine trays; two tonsil trays; two neurosurgical instruments for spinal procedures; three laparoscopic instruments; three laparoscopic instruments; three laparoscopic instruments; three laparoscopic instruments; three laparoscopic instruments; three laparoscopic instruments; two laparoscopic instruments; two laparoscopic instruments; and two laparoscopic instruments; three laparoscopy instruments; two minor surgery instruments; five one-step steps; one crash cart; one defibrillator; three digital monopolar/bipolar electrosurgical scalpels with cart; one laboratory incubator; four high-power overhead surgical lights; and two satellites.

Also, five adult laryngoscopes; four two-gas anesthesia machines with advanced monitoring; nine tables; five stainless steel rectangular instrument tables and four major operating tables – gynecobstetrics; ten five-parameter vital signs monitors with wall base; two refrigerators for medications; a urology instrument set; and ten metal swivel stools with backrest for anesthesiologists.

Meanwhile, José Ramírez, director of Incart, thanked the SNS for its support for the expansion of the surgical services portfolio and called on the collaborators to use the area in favor of the users who visit this center.

Also present at the commissioning were the directors, Martin Ortiz, of Maternal Infant and Adolescent of the SNS; Edisson Feliz, of the Metropolitan Regional Health Service, in addition to part of the medical and administrative staff of the health center.

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