Strange causes of headache

There are many reasons that can cause a headache, but some are excessively strange and that is why we do not pay attention to them. Here are some of them!

Sex: believe it or not, there are many situations in which headaches are associated with sexual activity. The International Headache Society (IHS) is a British non-profit organization that provides information to help people affected by headaches.

The definition presented by that organization is that of a headache precipitated by sexual activity, usually beginning as a bilateral dull ache as arousal increases and suddenly intensifying at orgasm, in the absence of any intracranial disorder.

Taking an analgesic a few hours beforehand can block the unwelcome pain. However, seeking specialized help is always the best course of action.

Sleep: some people wake up with a severe headache and this may indicate that there is a problem during sleep. Many people are unaware that they suffer from nocturnal bruxism, which is an involuntary habit that causes patients to clench their jaw tightly or grind their teeth by rubbing or sliding them without any functional purpose.

Bruxism in its milder forms is more common than it seems, and affects both children and adults. According to the estimate of several scientific studies in 2013, the prevalence of nocturnal bruxism among the adult population is approximately 12%.

The way to solve it is to go to the dentist to be fitted with a mouth guard that will protect our teeth while we sleep.

Lights! Glaring lights, especially flashing lights, can trigger migraines. That’s because such lights trigger certain chemicals in the brain, which activate the migraine center. The British health organization recommends for these patients to wear sunglasses both inside and outside the office, and suggests polarized lenses as an option.

Ice cream! Some people are susceptible to headaches caused by cold material moving across the roof of the mouth and back of the throat. Popsicles and frozen drinks have the same effect.

According to Harvard Health Publishing, the publication of Harvard Medical School, when ice cream touches these parts of the mouth, it causes small blood vessels in those areas to constrict and then dilate rapidly.


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