Training on nutritional therapy

The Hospifar Group, together with the German multinational Fresenius Kabi, developed the first cycle of workshops on nutritional therapy for critically ill patients, an event that is being held for the first time in the country.

The three-month event, called “Dominican Nutritional Therapy Course (TND)”, addresses the following approaches: critical patient, cancer and surgical patient, taught by the Colombian doctors Juan Carlos Ayala Acosta, specialist in General Surgery and Laparoscopy, with a Ph in Biological Sciences; and the well known clinical epidemiologist, nutritionist, professor and Dietician, Carolina Méndez Martínez.

The cycle of workshops includes six conferences that address clinical nutrition as a central axis in critical patients from a scientific approach.

The Dominican Republic is the second country in the region to develop this workshop, the first being Colombia.

For the president CEO of the Hospifar Group, Mr. Rafael Perez Barroso, he was delighted to be the first to obtain this type of medical training at the highest level in the country, especially from the hand of Fresnius Kabi.

About the Hospifar Group

For more than 28 years, the Hospifar Group has been dedicated to the import, representation, manufacture and distribution of the most famous international health care brands throughout the country and part of the Antilles.

The companies that compose it are in charge of planning, assisting, advising and supervising medical, hospital and institutional projects; also providing training, installation, repair and maintenance service to the equipment acquired by the clients. In addition to manufacturing their own brands for pharmacotherapy, equipment, solutions and textiles, among other specialties.

They are the representatives in the country of several international franchises related to health, including Fresenius Kabi, the German multinational with headquarters for Central America and the Caribbean in Colombia, dedicated to the production and marketing of pharmaceuticals and medical devices for the therapy and care of critical and chronic patients worldwide.

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