Vice President: health and sports works in Cibao

The Vice President of the Republic, Raquel Peña, inaugurated this Saturday four works in the Cibao region, which include the First Level Center (CPN) Los Quemados, the rehabilitation project of networks and lighting in El Limón, Villa González, and the Palmarejo softball stadium, as well as the renovation of the GUG sports club.

The works delivered by the vice-president are a response to the needs of the citizens of Bonao and Santiago, as well as to the Government’s commitment to continue promoting the development of these provinces and the whole country.

Vice President Raquel Peña said that the administration of President Luis Abinader is working so that every Dominican home, every business and every community in the country can enjoy greater well-being.

Los Quemados First Level Center

In terms of health infrastructure, the CPN will impact the quality of medical care for more than 5,000 inhabitants of Los Quemados and surrounding areas.

The center was selected by the National Health Service (SNS) for renovation as part of the public health transformation program promoted by the government of President Luis Abinader.

The intervention was carried out for a total of RD 8,034,292.19 and included the replacement of floors, doors and windows, waterproofing of roofs, construction of garbage and gas booths, replacement of sanitary appliances, new electrical and sanitary installations. In addition, it now has two consultation rooms, a vaccination area, an emergency room, a pharmacy and a medical residence.

Network and lighting rehabilitation project

Meanwhile, the project for the rehabilitation of networks and lighting in the municipal district of El Limón, municipality of Villa Gonzalez, province of Santiago, was executed by Edenorte Dominicana, with an investment of RD 10.30 million.

The intervention covers approximately 10 kilometers of medium and low voltage networks, with the installation of 74 poles, 117 lighting fixtures and 5 transformers.

The project directly benefits the communities of Borojol, Los Olivos, Los Jardines, Pocilguita, Barrio Lindo, La U and La Finquita and, indirectly, the rest of the municipalities.

Vicepresidenta Entrega Obras En El CibaoSports works

On the other hand, the Palmarejo softball stadium and the renovation of the Gregorio Urbano Gilbert (GUG) sports club were also delivered, with the purpose of promoting the development and promotion of sports for hundreds of children, young people and adults.

The GUG’s infrastructure included the installation of the stands with their hoops and boards, a new scoreboard, two blackboards, seats to cover the entire area of the bleachers, restrooms and showers, and the installation of state-of-the-art LED lights.

The softball and baseball field in Palmarejo was built from scratch after the donation of the land by a Santiago businessman and with an investment of RD 21 million from the Dominican Municipal League.

Affected areas

Within the framework of the day in Santiago, the vice-president visited La Yagüita de Pastor, where she made a tour together with national, provincial and municipal authorities, of the vulnerable areas that were affected by the recent rains.

Peña listened to the needs of the residents, with the objective of implementing actions that will reestablish, in the shortest possible time, the well-being for about 150 affected families.

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