Vice President Peña delivers health works in Samaná

Vice President Raquel Peña and the director of the National Health Service (SNS), Mario Lama, delivered this Wednesday two health works to the residents of Samaná province, as part of the government’s commitment to improve the quality of life of the population, through access to quality health services and decent spaces.

The vice-president emphasized that the government has the firm objective of continuing to build a country that offers opportunities and quality of life for all, with works such as the Natividad Arcalá Municipal Hospital and the Rancho Español First Level Center (CPN) in Samaná.

Peña emphasized that this quality medical service is possible thanks, above all, to the work of the doctors, nurses and all the health professionals who work in each hospital, and that, in order to strengthen it, the administration of President Luis Abinader is working to continue taking programs such as Más Salud y Esperanza de Vida, aimed at providing free essential medicines to hypertensive and diabetic patients through the Farmacias del Pueblo (People’s Pharmacies) to the whole country.

For his part, the head of the SNS, Mario Lama, reiterated the government’s commitment to continue working to dignify the health care offered to the population. “With these two works that are now in operation, we have more than 50 hospitals and around 550 First Level Centers, renovated and equipped to provide medical attention in the best possible way as Dominicans deserve”.

Dr. Lama indicated that he will continue to improve the efficiency of Samaná’s health facilities and to hire the required personnel. “So that the people of Samaná have efficient attention in adequate spaces and with trained personnel”.

The head of the SNS also announced that the hospital of Sanchez will be handed over in the coming weeks.

The Natividad Alcalá Municipal Hospital, in the town of El Limón, was selected by the SNS for refurbishment due to damages caused by Hurricane Fiona. With a total investment of RD 20,606,827.37, distributed for infrastructure and equipment.

Floors, thermal zinc roofing, ceiling, sanitary fixtures, doors and windows were replaced, as well as the front gate, new electrical installations, kitchen and laboratory furniture, signage, interior and exterior painting.

Interventions that allowed us to readapt the office areas with three multi-purpose and one dental office, laboratory, three five-bed inpatient rooms, emergency room, pharmacy, kitchen, dining room and medical residence.

As for the Rancho Español First Level Center, two consulting rooms, a vaccination room, emergency room, pharmacy and medical residence were refurbished; the roofs were also waterproofed, garbage and gas booths were built, the front gate, floors, doors, windows, sanitary fixtures, new electrical and sanitary installations were replaced for more than 10 million pesos.

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