Villa Vázquez will have its first Municipal Hospital

President Luis Abinader and Minister Carlos Bonilla announced the construction of the first hospital in the municipality of Villa Vazquez, Montecristi province, with an estimated investment of 2.5 billion pesos.

According to the information, the work is expected to be completed in the first quarter of 2023.

With an area of 13,008 square meters, the building represents a health benefit for the more than 35,000 inhabitants of the municipality and surrounding areas, as it also complies with the health policy of the central government to bring health to every region of the Dominican Republic.

They also indicated that this work will have a positive impact on the economy of the province with the generation of more than 2,600 direct jobs.

“The construction of this hospital represents for Villa Vázquez the hope of life: a modern, safe building, with the availability of 54 hospital beds that will drastically change the health conditions of its population”. Bonilla said during his speech.

The announcement of the hospital took place in Villa Vázquez, where the Minister explained that the construction of the center will begin in the next few days.

The engineer also said that the building will comply with the regulations established by the Ministry of Public Health on the architectural design guidelines for this type of structure.

Meanwhile, the President of the Republic, Luis Abinader, said that the investment of this hospital is “necessary” for Villa Vásquez, because the town has not had a health center for several years.

Present at the announcement were Mrs. Nelsy Milagros Cruz, governor of the province of Monte Cristi; Mr. Moreno Arias, senator of the province of Monte Cristi; Mr. Jenrry Castro, mayor of the municipality of Villa Vásquez; the parish priest Mora, of the San Josè de Villa Vásquez parish, among other authorities and citizens.

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