¿Billetes o monedas? Los nuevos cajeros automáticos del Popular los aceptan

ATMs are coming to simplify our financial commitments even more, as the Dominican market will have new ATMs that accept coins and process a larger amount of banknotes.

This is a pioneering innovation in the country introduced by Banco Popular Dominicano, which is mainly aimed at facilitating commercial deposits for companies.

The deployment of these new ATMs is in the pilot phase, with the first unit in operation, located in the Torre Universal, on Winston Churchill Avenue, Santo Domingo. In the coming weeks, the bank will extend these deposit tellers to 20% of its branches, with a total of 40 units.

This new generation of cash receiving machines can process up to 1,100 bills in just four minutes, in addition to receiving all denominations of Dominican peso coins in a single operation.

This facility will save a lot of time for commercial customers, who usually handle a high volume of cash. Customers will be able to see through the Popularenlinea.com website in which specific branches these ATMs will be available.

Popular, as an individual entity, has the most extensive ATM network in the country, with more than 1,088 units, of which 456 are already deposit ATMs. Last year RD$41,503 million were deposited through these Popular machines, and in the first six months of this year RD$27,156 million, 65% more than in the same period of the previous year.

These new solutions, designed for the benefit of customers, strengthen Popular’s leadership in the digitalization of banking services in the country, recording in 2020 that more than 87% of all transactions carried out by the bank’s customers were made through its digital channels.

Another recent Popular innovation is that customers who do not yet have their digital profile (user and password) to access the Popular App or Internet Banking Popular, can now do so remotely, without visiting a branch, through the mobile application. Dominicans who are not yet customers can also create a digital account directly from the Popular App, without visiting a bank branch.

Dominican Republic among the countries with the most ATMs
In 22 countries in Latin America and the Caribbean there are 336,241 cash dispensing machines and more than 878.6 million credit and debit cards, according to the central banks and bank superintendencies of each nation and data from the Latin American Federation of Banks (Felaban).

Venezuela, Chile and Ecuador complete the first seven countries with the most ATMs in Latin America. The first has 9,843, the second 7,622, and the third 4,038, according to data from each nation’s financial system regulators.

Guatemala (3,961), Bolivia (3,039) and the Dominican Republic (2,970) continue in the ranking of nations with the highest number of ATMs.

For every ATM that neighboring Haiti has, the Dominican Republic has 18.

The three countries in the region with the fewest ATMs are Haiti (165), Jamaica (690) and Nicaragua (905). Meanwhile, Cuba (920), Paraguay (1,304) and Honduras (1,522) complete the six nations with the lowest levels of ATMs.

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