Casa Baez Segura establishes itself in Dominican Republic

Casa Baez Segura, a non-profit family organization based on Christian principles, was established in the Dominican Republic. The presentation and introduction of its arrival was made during a ladies luncheon, held at La Cassina restaurant.

Its main objective is to help children and adolescents in conditions of poverty and vulnerability, whose ages range from 0 to 13 years old, as well as their families.

The organization reaches marginalized and low-income areas in different countries, as it has a presence in Miami (where it has applied for non-profit status), New York, New Jersey, Virginia and Spain (in the pipeline).

The welcoming remarks at the event were offered by Yokasta Segura de Baez, CEO and founder of this organization, who emphasized that the mission of Casa Baez Segura is to promote the spiritual, mental, emotional and physical development of its target population. She also emphasized that the organization focuses on everything related to education, as well as in different complementary areas, so that its main objectives are fully met.

“We serve these people by providing them with spiritual support through the distribution of children’s Bibles in their native languages. At the same time, we provide them with the following resources: food, clothing, medical services and medicines; dental and preventive services; school supplies, books and uniforms; as well as toys and artistic materials,” Segura said.

He explained that the foundation supports other non-profit organizations and missions, both regional and local, whose mission is aligned with its principles. In fact, one of its objectives is to set an example to follow as a model foundation of collaboration and transparency by joining forces with leading foundations around the world.

Yokasta Segura de Baez indicated that the goal is to fulfill God’s call on her life and that of her family, as well as to combat the statistics, since nearly 14% of the U.S. population, where the majority are children, are living in poverty, according to information from The Urban Institute. He also stated that four out of ten Dominicans live below the poverty line, according to The World Food Programme.

“As history shows that those born into impoverished and marginalized communities are at high risk for child trafficking and abuse, we seek to intervene at an early age, with practical and spiritual resources, to influence their lives in a positive way,” he concluded.

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