Colombia prepares for a major export to the Dominican Republic

Orange producers from Quindío and Caldas are getting ready to make the first export of this fruit to the Dominican Republic. It is estimated that about 23 tons will be shipped in the following days to this Caribbean market.

The fruit comes from farms certified by the Colombian Agricultural Institute (ICA), an entity that will accompany the entire export process, i.e. from the producing lands, through the packing companies to the exit of the port, in order to meet the phytosanitary and safety requirements established by the authorities of the Dominican Republic.

“This is an achievement of the sanitary diplomacy strategy outlined by the Government of President Iván Duque, which is being advanced in conjunction with the Ministries of Agriculture, Foreign Affairs and Trade, Industry and Tourism, as well as ProColombia, Invima and embassies. Admissibility for the orange in that market was obtained in 2021, thus completing 14 countries to which this fruit can be sold,” said the Minister of Trade, Industry and Tourism, María Ximena Lombana Villalba.

The Dominican Republic’s market buys about US$3.7 million of oranges from the world annually and its main suppliers are the United States, Chile and Peru.

Colombia exported close to US$10 million of this fruit in 2021, equivalent to 18,000 tons. The main destinations of these sales were: Ecuador, where 26% were sold; to Guadalupe Island 25%; to the United States 19%; to Martinique 8%; to Curaçao 4% and to French Guiana 2%.

In the first quarter of this year, Colombian orange exports reached US$2.1 million.


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