Costa Rica, Panama and the Dominican Republic will follow up on a tripartite alliance formed last September.

The presidents of Costa Rica, Panama and the Dominican Republic will hold a meeting this Wednesday in Panama City to follow up on a tripartite alliance they formed last September during the United Nations General Assembly.

This meeting will take place within the framework of the “Alliance for the strengthening of democratic institutions”, which was signed last September 22 during the United Nations General Assembly, and which aims to address areas of common interest and priorities for the foreign policy of these three countries.

Among the issues covered by this alliance are sustainable development, environment, trade, migration and security, as well as actions to address the crisis resulting from the covid-19 pandemic.

Alvarado, who will travel to Panama and return to Costa Rica on Wednesday, will be accompanied by the Minister of Foreign Affairs, Rodolfo Solano, and the Director General of Foreign Policy, Adriana Solano.

The Costa Rican government explained that the meeting of presidents will be preceded by a meeting of foreign ministers on Tuesday.

The tripartite alliance seeks to promote economic growth through a relaunching of commercial, demographic and cultural links between the countries of the region, based on the defense of open societies, international law and a paradigm of green, fair, sustainable and inclusive development, according to the document with which it was formed on September 22.

On the same day, the three presidents issued a joint communiqué in which they expressed their deep concern for “the crisis that Haiti is going through and the growing impact it is generating on the region, particularly the serious migratory consequences”, and pleaded with the international community for solutions for that country.


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