David Collado among top three most influential officials

David Collado, among the top three most influential, most trusted and best communicating officials, according to survey

Collado leads among three officials, The Abinader Squad 2022, Engage’s survey that compiles the impressions of 1,233 citizens on the current situation of the country.

Tourism Minister David Collado, Customs Director Eduardo “Yayo” Sanz and Industry and Commerce Minister Víctor “Ito” Bisonó are the three officials of Luis Abinader’s government who generate the most trust and communicate the best, according to a survey.

The three officials lead The Abinader Squad 2022, the survey of the firm Engage that compiles the impressions of 1,233 citizens on the current situation of the country.

This digital perception study, published by Engage every year, measures the impact of the communication of public officials in social networks, that is, those who best communicate their administration. Likewise, the valuation of the respondents regarding their influence, closeness with President Luis Abinader and positioning.

The top 5 of those who communicate best

When asked among the officials closest to President Abinader which are the ones who communicate best. The top five is organized as follows: David Collado, Eduardo Sanz Lovatón, Ito Bisonó, Miriam Germán and Raquel Peña.

Samuel Pereyra and Antonio Almonte are added to this year’s analysis. Meanwhile, José Ignacio Paliza occupies the number six position. Deligne Ascención Burgos ranked number eight and Alejandro Fernández ranked number 10.

The 5 officials who have more confidence with the president according to this analysis would be Miriam Germán, David Collado, Eduardo Sanz, Ito Bisonó and Raquel Peña.

As for decisions with economic impact, those perceived as most influential are David Collado José Paliza, Raquel Peña, Ito Bisonó and Hector Valdez Albizu. In this question, Sanz Lovatón dropped out of the top five and Paliza entered.

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