Dominican Republic seeks to move from “observer member” to “active member” of ALADI

With the clear objective of opening doors for the Dominican Republic in the discussion scenarios of the region and generate international business opportunities for future graduates of university careers, the Universidad Iberoamericana (Unibe) began this Wednesday, the “International Forum: Business Opportunities in the Latin American Integration Association (Aladi) and the Dominican Republic”.

The Director of the School of Business Administration of Unibe, Miguelina Franco, explained that this event has the participation of international and national speakers, as well as Aladi.

Franco explained that although the Dominican Republic is an “observer member”, it is of great interest for the business sector to become an “active member”.

“Precisely we will be studying and we have chosen to study during the period September 2021 to April 2022, the school of business administration, what we should do and how we can achieve it”. The professor emphasized that it is necessary to integrate the government, business and academic sectors “so that together we can take the steps we are missing”.

According to Franco, the forum is the preamble to the celebration of the International Business Fair (Feinne), which has been organized annually by the students of the higher education academy for the last 15 years and in each case groups of countries are chosen for research, analysis and studies.

“With this forum we can say that Unibe has inaugurated the countries we are going to study (referring to those that are part of Aladi)”, he said.

Likewise, Franco emphasized that this type of event encourages business students to learn about other cultures, an international profile. “They are the ones who are going to be the great entrepreneurs of the country”, added the director of the school of business administration of Unibe.

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