DR leads the top 10 most visited countries after the pandemic

Top 10 countries to visit in 2022, according to ForwardKeys

While the COVID-19 pandemic still lingers, its most crippling stage seems to be behind it. And with destinations reopening, people have turned to tourism again.

Now it was ForwardKeys, the famous travel company, that shared its annual catalog and report on the most visited destinations in 2022. Can you imagine which is the most visited country this year?

Well, the most visited country is Dominican Republic, which was placed at the top of the ranking, with 5% more visits than those received in 2019. Rounding out the podium are Turkey and Costa Rica, with the same average number of visitors as in 2019.

“Looking at the world regionally, one has to admire the Caribbean countries for their early efforts to sustain visitor arrivals in the face of the pandemic and their continued growth in an increasingly competitive travel landscape,” said Olivier Ponti, VP of ForwardKeys.

“The Middle East also stands out, which has helped accelerate its recovery by hosting major global events such as the Dubai World Expo, Formula One Grand Prix events in several Gulf locations and, most notably, the FIFA World Cup in Qatar. The Gulf has also seen a relatively strong comeback in business travel, a segment whose recent renaissance has come as a surprise to many,” he added.

In addition, ForwardKeys spotted some travel trends in 2022. The main one is recovery, as tourism restrictions have been loosening and that has unleashed travel demand that seemed to be pent up.

Top 10 most visited countries in 2022, according to ForwardKeys

1. Dominican Republic, with a +5% variation vs. 2019.
2. Turkey, 0%.
3. Costa Rica, 0 % 4. Mexico, 0 % 5.
5. Jamaica, -5%.
6. Pakistan, -5% 7.
7. Bangladesh, -8 % 8. Greece, -12 % 9.
9. Egypt, -15% 10.
10. Portugal, -16%.

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