Executive Branch signs contract with lawyers to recover public assets

The Executive Power of the Dominican Republic signed this Friday afternoon a contract with a group of lawyers by means of which legal actions of diverse nature will be executed, for the recovery of the Public Patrimony that is in the hands of third parties as a consequence of fraudulent actions.

The announcement was made by the legal consultant of the Executive Branch, Antoliano Peralta, who recalled that, based on this interest, Decree 22-21 was issued, in which Mr. Jorge Luis Polanco Rodríguez was appointed as general coordinator of the team and Mr. José Luis Taveras, Claudia Álvarez Troncoso, Manuel Conde Cabrera, Rafael Rivas Solano and Fernando P. Henríquez, as team coordinators.

Subsequently, through Decree 499-21, President Luis Abinader constituted the Fideicomiso de Patrimonio Público Recuperado, with a Technical Committee integrated by the Minister of Finance, the Minister of Economy, Planning and Development and the Director of Ethics and Government Integrity, as well as Pedro Silverio, in his capacity as advisor to the Executive Branch in Economy, and the legal consultant of the Executive Branch.

Among those hired to integrate the different teams are jurists such as Félix Damián Olivares Grullón, Sóstenes Raúl Rodríguez Segura, Carlos Moisés Almonte Jiménez, Nelson De Los Santos Ferrand, Leidy Altagracia Torres De Figuereo, José Lorenzo Fermín Mejía, Carlos Manuel González Hernández, Carlos Franjul Mejía, Francisco Gregorio Álvarez Martínez and Rafael Segundo Ortega Grullón.

Other members of the teams are José Alberto Ortiz Beltrán, Rafael Dickson Morales, Jorge Antonio López Hilario, Claudio Alberto Luna Torres, Namphi Andrés Rodríguez, Felipe Herrera De La Rosa, Edison Joel Peña, Keryma Marra Martínez, Bienvenido Fabián Melo De Los Santos, Vinicio Martín Cuello Pereira, Sigfrido Alberto Caamaño García, José Chía Sánchez, Ramón Alejandro Ayala López, Juan Bautista Cuevas Medrano, Sandra Ysabel Taveras, Carlos Alberto Polanco Rodríguez, Jorge Alexandro Herasme Rivas, Ivanna Rodríguez Hernández, and Ricardo Díaz Polanco.

From this last step, of several that have been taken in a careful process of evaluation, selection and hiring, the referred lawyers will continue the work in which they are already working, for the expected recovery of the public patrimony for the benefit of all Dominicans.

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