Importance of travel agents and tour operators for Dominican tourism highlighted

The president announced that a new cruise port will be built in Samaná and that Amber Cove and Taino Bay in Puerto Plata will be expanded to receive more tourists.

In a meeting with tour operators, travel agents, airlines, hotel chains and cruise ship executives, President Luis Abinader highlighted the importance of travel agents, tour operators and cruise ship chains for Dominican tourism because of what this sector represents for the economy.

Regarding Punta Cana, he expressed that it is a locomotive that does not stop, given that in the coming days it will have an amusement park, new golf courses, hotel and mortgage projects that extend to Miches, in the province of El Seibo, where hotels will be developed and work is being done on the infrastructure for it.

The governor also said that another bet for the sector is the Punta Bergatín project, Puerto Plata, which will relaunch the entire north coast with movie studios in partnership with Vin Diesel, innovation centers and a planet Hollywood hotel.

In this meeting, the president ratified his confidence in tourism and that its development can reach all sectors; from those who develop projects to cabs, agricultural producers and Dominican industries that produce that reach the hotels.

“And today we not only want to thank you, but we want to tell you that you and the tourists you bring there (to the Dominican Republic) are extremely important and that is why we are going to take care of you and we are going to follow up so that you have the best experiences in our country,” he said.

He said that this confidence shown by the actors of the tourism sector is that they are working to develop the destination of Pedernales, with an exceptional white sand beach where you can go up to one kilometer and the water will remain shallow, while he stressed that the development of this enclave will be less dense than the other poles by the characteristics of the area that have about 60% as a national park, so it will be a sustainable intervention.

He recalled that on February 5, the construction of the first two hotels will begin, followed by the construction of the new airport, and by the end of this year Cabo Rojo will have a port for cruise passengers to visit the destination.

“I said when we were inaugurating the first infrastructure works in Pedernales that this destination was going to change in five years, in ten it would be unrecognizable and in twenty it will be a model of growth for the entire region”, he said.

He said that Samaná will also be provided with a new port for cruise ships and Amber Cove and Taino Bay in Puerto Plata will be expanded to receive more tourists because he believes in cruise tourism and in the Dominican Republic as the best destination in America.

In the area of cultural tourism, he highlighted the intervention of the Colonial City with the support of the Inter-American Development Bank and the historic Isabela, the first point touched by Christopher Columbus on Dominican soil, and a whole route will be made where the colonizers crossed to diversify the offer to visitors “because the Dominican Republic is more than beaches”.


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