“klk wawawa”, Netflix’s greeting to the Dominican Republic

A post on Netflix Latin America’s Twitter account has become a trend on the crowded social network thanks to a salute to the Dominican Republic. The post contains the text “klk wawawa” accompanied by the emojis of a red heart and the Dominican flag, but perhaps the most striking thing is the image that is also included, as it is a scene from the popular series “A través de mi ventana”.

The message even caught the attention of Dominican President Luis Abinader, who reacted with a terse “Wow! What a Movie”.

The image of actor Julio Peña as his character Ares Hidalgo in a scene of the series in which he is on a soccer field and wearing a flannel with the message: “Someone who loves me very much brought me this shirt from the Dominican Republic”, on the Netflix account, triggered the reaction of Twitter users. Cybernauts wondered if Netflix was wawawa, but the funniest thing is the response of the streaming platform and its constant use of the word “KLK”.


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