Mexico opens its doors to Dominican talent

Since Mexico became the mecca of Latin American art and its culture jumped to the eyes of the world, some Dominican artists saw in the Aztec country, the great opportunity to stand out from there with their talent.

Since the last century, artists and actors from this half island arrived in Mexico and achieved a career with enviable international transcendence, and so it happened with the author of famous songs Mario de Jesús Báez, the actor Carlos Francisco Cámara, the actors Carlos de la Mota, Vielka Valenzuela, Juan Vidal, Marta González and Anthony Álvarez.

In music, perhaps the most difficult market for any artist, Dominican Ramon Glass, who has lived in Mexico for more than 30 years, has conquered the hearts of the Aztecs with his merengue, Merenglass style.

Actor Andres Garcia and television producer and director Enrique Segoviano were born in the country and developed their lives in Mexico.

Others with a successful career such as Julio Sabala, “The inimitable imitator”, also established residence for some years in that country.

Mario de Jesús Báez, (1924- 2006) author of well-known songs such as “Y” (song with the shortest title in the world) “Ya tú verás”, “Ayúdame Dios mío”, “Que Manera de llora”, El Infierno”, “La Trampa” which were recorded by famous artists such as Javier Solís, Felipe Pirela, Los Panchos, Libertad Lamarque, Pérez Prado and Julio Jaramillo, among others.

Mario de Jesús, a native of Petromacoris, began writing essays and articles about the artistic and musical media, went to live in New York and worked as an editor of a theater magazine. He then traveled to Mexico to learn about the music business. At the end of the 50’s he managed to settle in Mexico and from there he developed a prolific career as a composer, founding a music publishing company. Mario De Jesus received countless awards and recognitions, both in Mexico, New York and his country, the Dominican Republic.

Of Spanish parents

Actor, director, film and television producer Enrique Segoviano and Andrés García have similar stories. Both sons of Spanish exiles, they were born in the Dominican Republic, but at a very young age their families decided to emigrate to Mexico.

The parents of Enrique Segoviano, whose name we always heard in the credits of “El Chavo del 8”, arrived in the country fleeing the dictatorship of Francisco Franco in the middle of the Trujillo dictatorship, then decided to leave for Mexico when Enrique was only 11 months old.

While Andres Garcia, also son of Spanish exiles, was born in the country, but his family emigrated to Mexico, to the city of Acapulco. At a very young age, Andres Garcia worked on a boat and at the age of 20 he was discovered by film producers. From that moment on, he began a long-standing career in film and Mexican soap operas. Of actress Margarita Mora (1920-1976), several sources state that she was born in Venezuela, but her birth certificate was registered in Santo Domingo. Her parents owned a theater company in which she made her debut at the age of five throughout the Caribbean. As an adult she excelled in cinema in Venezuela and Mexico.

Dominican actor Carlos Cámara (1934-2016) father of Venezuelan actors Víctor Cámara and Carlos Cámara Jr. After a divorce he decided to settle in Mexico in the 50’s where he excelled in film, theater and soap operas.

New generation

Vielka Valenzuela is known for her work in Mexican television in soap operas as well as in several programs such as “Hoy”, “Eleccion de la Flor de Oro de la Feria de Tabasco”, “Estrella TV”, “Hoy Estrella”. He participated in “Amigas y rivales”, “Salomé”, “Vivan los niños”, “Las tontas no van al cielo” and others.

Carlos de la Mota established himself as a soap opera actor in Mexico. “Destilando amor”, “Clase 406”, “Corazón partido”, “Mañana es para siempre” are some of the titles in which he acted. In movies, musicals and TV series, the actor, native of La Vega and now Vice Minister of Foreign Affairs, has achieved success.

Juan Vidal, a Dominican actor with Mexican nationality, began as a model but his acting career has found the backing of companies such as TV Azteca, Televisa and Venevisión. Marta González has stood out working in the soap operas “Más sabe el diablo” and “¿Dónde está Elisa?”, “Alguien te mira” and “Eva Luna”.

Anthony Alvarez, a native of La Vega also opened the doors to Mexico and acted in “Clarisa”, “El Mayor”, “Bahia Acapulco” and others.


Ramón Glass is the only Dominican merenguero who has managed to develop a successful merengue career in Mexico. With more than 25 years in that nation, he began with his orchestra taking merengue throughout Mexico and becoming a true ambassador of Dominican culture.


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