Milagros Ortiz describes Collado’s management of Tourism as “transparent”

The Director General of Ethics and Government Integrity (DIGEIG), Milagros Ortiz Bosch, praised the management of David Collado as Minister of Tourism of the Dominican Republic by highlighting the works that have been built in accordance with transparency.

The head of the governing body in matters of ethics, transparency, open government, fight against corruption, conflict of interest and free access to information in the governmental administrative sphere described Collado’s work as exceptional, indicating that he is part of a new generation of young people who work to make the Dominican Republic a better place every day.

In that order, he said that, in Tourism, David Collado has exhibited efficiency, modernity and the desire “to put all of us together to change the destiny of the Dominican Republic, to move away from all the inadequate management of public funds to do the right thing”, he said.

“What he has shown is exceptional, it is a great management, but he is part of a group of inspired young people and some older people, like me, who think together with the president that there is a beautiful moment for the Dominican Republic and that we must all move forward,” said Ortiz Bosch interviewed by Moises Gonzalez of the newspaper and program Despertar Nacional.

In this sense, she added that “He is the expression of a process of change in the Dominican Republic, which is expressed, first in that they are persuaded with the knowledge of technology, they know that we must have transparency, and what is the opportunity of the efficient use of public resources that he has exhibited, the amount of works that he has taught us, in efficiency, in what the president says, to do more spending less”.

The official welcomed David Collado’s speech at the American Chamber of Commerce, in which he highlighted the importance and the strategic role played by the United States in the recovery of tourism in the country, at a key moment of economic recovery.

Ortiz Bosch highlighted the initiative launched by the Minister of Tourism to open the doors of this institution to young people from the universities so that they can get to know, get involved and supervise the processes of a public management focused on transparency and to integrate the rectors of these universities as overseers of the processes of purchases and contracts of MITUR.

During a meeting between the University Network for the Advancement of Dominican Education (RUNED), the Minister of Tourism, David Collado, and the Director of Ethics and Government Integrity, Milagros Ortiz Bosch, the rectors reiterated their commitment to continue participating as overseers in all processes carried out by MITUR.

The university representatives highlighted that they participated in the last 14 bidding processes carried out by Tourism, with which they showed their satisfaction.

“Without fear of being wrong, I can tell you that, thanks to this alliance with the universities and the private sector, in the Ministry of Tourism we have turned the word transparency into a reality,” said Collado.

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