Mitur advances proposal for tourism institute in Punta Cana

The Dominican Government advanced its proposal to the World Tourism Organization (UNWTO) to build a regional tourism training institute in Punta Cana, to help strengthen the experience offered in the country and in Latin American nations, with technical and professional training in customer service, personalized attention, sustainability, among other topics in order to train more human talent.

Tourism is facing a new challenge that affects the development of its operations: the loyalty of human talent. The information was highlighted today at the XIV Ibero-American Business Meeting, during the presentation of four tourism experts in the panel “Tourism in Ibero-America: the great lever for recovery, where the technical vice-minister of the Ministry of Tourism (Mitur), Jacqueline Mora, advanced the strategy of training in tourism.Mitur Advances Proposal for a Regional Tourism Training Institute in Punta Cana

With the recovery of the sectors, after the COVID-19 pandemic and the recent incidence due to the war conflict between Russia and Ukraine, it is urgent to look for alternatives to attract better trained collaborators. To this end, Mora said that the government has already begun to approach higher education centers.

“We have already met with the Catholic University to integrate professional education in the province of Pedernales”, where an ambitious tourism development project is being developed, which requires training citizens and their families to increase their commitment and guarantee the transfer of knowledge about the hotel industry.

Mora shared some considerations on the performance of the country’s tourism industry, highlighting that at the end of each external crisis the needs of the sector emerge, among them to continue innovating, diversifying investment and strengthening the offer, with more sustainability and integration.



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