PLD and Fuerza del Pueblo asked to meet again and prepare a plan for the nation

The Boschista Force of the Dominican Liberation Party (PLD), called on the leaders of the purple party and the leadership of the People’s Force (PF) to meet again in unity and alliance in order to guarantee and preserve the democratic governance of the country and defend national sovereignty.

Through a press release, the Boschista Force considered that in view of the worsening unemployment, the violence in all sectors of the country and the social degradation of the brotherly people of Haiti, “it is advisable to meet again and make an objective proposal to recover the country’s economy”.

Another reason that justifies the reunion of the leaders of the two parties is to face the crisis caused by the coronavirus pandemic (Covid-19) and the imposition of a fiscal reform that would complicate the high cost of living of the lower income sectors.

“The LDP and the People’s Force, together with the other political parties, cannot allow foreign interference to impose an anti-constitutional and extremist solution to the Haitian crisis, sustained in the Dominican Republic,” they said.

They said that the reason for the existence of the PLD and the People’s Force should be and is God, the people, Professor Juan Bosch and the Founding Father of the Dominican Republic, Juan Pablo Duarte.

“Let us leave behind hatred, rancor, selfishness and all violent words that generate confrontation and division. Let us find ourselves in forgiveness, harmony and peace! But, preserving each organization its partisan status and social nature. In this way, let us prevent Haiti from coming down on us and the economic and social circumstances of the Dominican Republic from collapsing”, they pointed out.

The request was made by the board of directors of the Boschista Force, made up of Luis de León, member of the PLD Central Committee and president; David Ramírez, PLD National Leader, General Secretary of the Boschista Force; Jorge Santana, President of the Extracurricular Chair Professor Juan Bosch of the Autonomous University of Santo Domingo (UASD) and Virginia Troncoso, Secretary of Minutes and Correspondence.

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