The Dominican Society of Neurology and Neurosurgery to present its international congress

The Dominican Society of Neurology and Neurosurgery will present its international congress, where they will discuss innovations in the diagnosis and approach to multiple brain diseases from Thursday, October 14 to 17.

With the participation of more than 60 experts, who will seek alternatives and share innovations on the treatment of diseases of the nervous system.

The president of this specialized society, Dr. Evelyn Lora, emphasized that this year it seeks to promote the topics of research and innovation, which have been one of the main pillars, as well as to take into consideration the recurrence of increased cases in the pandemic.

In this meeting, more than 300 specialists will attend this medical update in Cap Cana, in order to socialize experiences and knowledge with experts from other countries such as: Brazil, Spain, United States, Argentina, Venezuela, Mexico, Spain, Italy, Russia and Dominican Republic.

This year, the congress will present a hybrid modality (online and on-site) that will allow greater access to specialists regardless of where they are located.

Another novelty of this event is that the conferences will be held simultaneously on subspecialty areas, with the aim of expanding the range of options and topics, according to the need or interest of each participant.

Within the neurological topics, aspects such as: cognitive changes in patients with epilepsy, neurocognitive impairment, Alzheimer, PET and SPECT, neurogenetic diseases, treatments for multiple sclerosis, acute management of ischemic stroke, migraine in childhood, among many others, will be addressed.

In the area of neurosurgery, they share a diversity of options in vascular topics, hydrocephalus approach, functional neurosurgery, pediatric neurosurgery, radiosurgery and imaging, tumor pathologies, neuroimaging and spine surgery.

Neurological diseases and disorders represent a high incidence followed by cardiovascular conditions. In Spain, by 2018, it affected 12% of the population, which extrapolates to possible similar conditions in other countries.

The Dominican Society of Neurology and Neurosurgery carries out this type of meetings seeking to promote medical updating in the country, to facilitate better resources and knowledge to specialists to provide comprehensive care and attention to each patient.

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