Tourism announces Dominican Press Coverage Award FITUR 2023

The Ministry of Tourism announced this Monday the FITUR Dominican Press Coverage Award, conceived as a Press Coverage Award FITURrecognition of the men and women of the press who strive to project national tourism, following its recovery after the Covid-19 pandemic and to reestablish historical records in 2022 in terms of foreign visitor arrivals and foreign currency production.

The executive management of the FITUR 2022 Coverage Award clarified that this is not a privilege, favor or advantage for those who publish the most press releases or statements by the Minister of Tourism, David Collado.
It was indicated that the rules establish professional, objective criteria that include: quality of content, impact, originality, diversity of the topics covered, news and contributions of the DR delegation, frequency and scope of the work, deployment and hierarchy of the publications according to the media and inclusive approach to Dominican participation.

“As can be seen, the bases are aimed at fostering creative, independent and contributing journalism, avoiding a superficial work or one of praise and praise. We invite those interested to read the rules in order to have an objective idea of the contest and that on what has been established, each one, from their own media, whether individual coverage or collective platform, decide to participate and send their proposals,” explained the executive management.

Rules for the FITUR 2023 Coverage Award

Award for Dominican press coverage of FITUR 2023, to encourage and recognize the work of the national press in covering and disseminating, through journalists and the media, relevant events related to the Dominican Republic’s participation in FITUR, the first major event of the year for tourism professionals worldwide, in which the country will participate with the largest number of Dominican tourism exhibitors in the history of this fair.

This initiative, promoted by the Ministry of Tourism with the support of Banco de Reservas and Banco Popular, corresponds to the growing importance of tourism as a strategic sector of the Dominican economy and its direct or indirect impact in various productive areas and in all regions of the country.

In this regard, the Dominican participation in FITUR 2023 has led to the accreditation of a significant number of media and communications professionals, who will project the impact of this event to our country and the world.

Consistent with this desire of the Dominican press, the sponsoring institutions, in consultation with the main executives of the Dominican Association of Tourism Press (ADOMPRETUR) and the Ibero-American Forum of Tourism Journalists (FIPETUR), have agreed to establish a special award to recognize the efforts and journalistic coverage to be made by communicators and media, through the various communication channels available.

Logistics and rules of participation

Individual communicators, print and digital newspapers, radio and television programs, YouTube portals and multimedia platforms are eligible for the award.

Deadline for submitting entries

The content to be considered must be related to the activities and relevant topics associated with the Dominican delegation’s participation in FITUR 2023 and published between January 17 and 24.

Proposals may be submitted by individual communicators, programs or media platforms.
A special folder will be set up for the presentation of work, which participants can access by e-mail ([email protected]) to submit their publications. These disseminated works may be shared through digital and printed copies or through the corresponding links to be provided to the evaluating jury.

Criteria and thematic orientation of contents

Bearing in mind that the contest is aimed at projecting the participation of the Dominican delegation and highlighting the strengths, values and innovations of the tourism offer to be presented at FITUR, it is suggested that communicators and media, without limiting the independence of criteria and the creative exercise of each participant, consider some guidelines associated with good journalism practices and the common objectives of the Dominican participation in FITUR 2023.

Prizes and categories to be recognized

-Written Press Coverage: for the best series of articles by one or more journalists: US$5,000.
-Television Coverage: for the best series of works by one or more journalists: US$5,000.
-Radio Coverage: for the best series of works by one or more journalists: US$5,000.

-Digital media coverage: US$5,000 -Selection of the best coverage, including multimedia platforms: US$8,000.

Coverage of FITUR has already begun and will continue three and four days after it ends.


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