DR commemorates the 182nd anniversary of the birth of General Gregorio Luperon

The Comisión Permanente de Efemérides Patria celebrated with various events the 182nd anniversary of the birth of General Gregorio Luperón, illustrious military, politician, democrat, educated citizen and exemplary citizen of Puerto Plata, whose love for the homeland was highlighted in the Restoration War that in 1865 returned sovereignty to the country.

The ceremony began at 8:00 a.m., in front of the equestrian statue of the general, in Puntilla del Malecón of Puerto Plata, with the raising of the National Flag and the interpretation of the Anthem by the Band of Music and a company of the Air Force of the Dominican Republic. This was followed by the religious invocation by Monsignor Julio César Corniel, Bishop of the Diocese of Puerto Plata.

It continued with the reading of the order of the day by the Ministry of Defense as well as the military honors of style and a 15 gun salute to General Gregorio Luperón, as well as the deposit of floral offerings by different institutions, to the rhythm of the touch of the offering. The activity was headed by Claritza Rochtt Peralta, civil governor of Puerto Plata, Diómedes Roque García Núñez (Roquelito), mayor of Puerto Plata, Juan Pablo Uribe, president of the Permanent Commission of Patriotic Celebrations and Rosa García Crespo, director of the General Gregorio Luperón Museum of Puerto Plata.

The governor, Claritza Rochtt Peralta, spoke on behalf of the birthplace of the hero restorer and main leader of the liberals during the Second Republic, highlighting his commitment to the cause of independence.

Juan Pablo Uribe, in offering the central speech said that thinking of Gregorio Luperón, he is assaulted by the brave image of the patriot who plethoric, is given to the combative demands of a people that in the ontic clamor of his insular adventure builds the independent and sovereign stature in the popular and anti-colonial war of the Restoration, which unleashed the Grito de Capotillo in 1863. “Our honor, then, consists in being Dominicans, in having brilliantly written our history with the sword of the free; in possessing a vast, respected, hospitable territory; in having chastised those who seek to trample on our dignity”.

He affirmed: “We look at it and we see the proud, emerging youth, committed to the Dominicans. And we see the epic sword cleaving the body of the treason sold as a homeland and we see the restoring titan organizing, commanding, haranguing, risking, being one with the undisputed protagonist of the restoring war: the heroic people: “God with his infinite wisdom has formed the heroes, so that the memory of them may serve the oppressed as a teaching of triumph against their oppressors”.

Uribe stated that the life of the national hero, Gregorio Luperón, is a source of inspiration for present and future generations, in the direction of having a free, sovereign and prosperous nation with which all its nationals feel identified and all its citizens feel socially included.

We remember him as a democrat, progressive, political leader, president and an educated and exemplary citizen!

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