Airbnb will not escape this time

Attempts and more attempts, that is the reality of the regularization of Airbnb in the Dominican Republic. So far many intentions, but nothing concrete, meanwhile the rental platform continues to expand at will in the country without paying “not a penny”, as recently noted by the largest tourism guild in the DR.

Minister David Collado himself has put all his efforts into the regularization of Airbnb, not only for the contributions it would generate to the treasury, but also to ensure the safety of vacation rentals and thus protect the international image of the country, which is often at risk when the lack of control prevails.

There have been many occasions when Airbnb, so to speak, has had its way in the Dominican market, but everything points to the fact that this time, with the tax reform that is being prepared, this type of platform will finally pay taxes, as traditional hotels do.

The Dominican tourism sector is very attentive that Airbnb does not slip away again, because in doing so it generates unfair competition to the hotel sector that does pay its taxes.

What is sought is not to veto the operations of this type of vacation rental companies, but that they comply with the rules for the welfare and development of the country.


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