Cayo Levantado Resort of the Piñero Group in the DR

Grupo Piñero presented its new hotel in the Dominican Republic, on the Samaná peninsula. The new property “Cayo Levantado Resort” has had an investment of US$40 million, in the luxury all-inclusive segment.

Encarna Piñero, CEO of Grupo Piñero, pointed out that they are close to celebrating 30 years of operation in the country, “the Dominican Republic has practically become a second home for our family. The commitment we have for the destination, the planet and, of course, with the people, is unwavering. If we want to talk about the future of tourism in the country, it is clear to us that both sustainability and the ability to connect with our different stakeholders are key guidelines,” he said during DATE 2023.

Cayo Levantado Resort will begin operations on June 1. The resort has 219 rooms, ranging from Junior Suites toCayo Levantado Resort en RD Signature Villas. Each space is designed and decorated by local interior designers, inspired by the tropical beauty of this paradise; its fauna, flora, landscapes and seabed.

In the all-inclusive offer, guests can choose from three a la carte restaurants, a buffet restaurant, four bars and a cafeteria. There is also a wellness area in the heart of the island, where one of the resort’s two swimming pools, a spa, an outdoor outdoor box, a personal training studio and a beauty salon are located. In the exclusive Yubarta area there is an area for personal growth and discovery. A temple for meditation, which includes hot springs, a cenote, manual activities aimed at working on presence, and a circuit of landscaped gardens where you can connect with the island’s flora and fauna.

The Group’s most important commitment is innovation and sustainability, which revolves around a triple regeneration, explains the CEO, “first, focused on the luxury of regenerating on vacation through exclusive experiences designed for wellness, care and meditation; second, with the luxury of regenerating our environment, where our presence must mean an improvement in biodiversity, and that besides being a luxury is a commitment and a responsibility; and third, with the luxury of promoting local culture by fostering talent and contributing to economic development,” said Piñero.

Hervé Blondel, general manager of Cayo Levantado Resort with extensive experience in luxury hotels, shared the details of the new complex and the services it will offer, highlighting the concept of “Hidden Rhythm” that every guest at Cayo Levantado Resort will find: “We want to invite you to discover the other rhythm of the Dominican Republic; a different rhythm, vital and natural, secret and hidden on the island, but, above all, within each person who visits it. Likewise, we will seek to promote a destination where the preservation of its roots and unique rhythms become the key to development”.

As reported, Grupo Piñero has earmarked a million-dollar investment for 2023 in the Mexican Caribbean, the Dominican Republic and Jamaica. The budget will be divided between the hotel division with US$75 million, Bahia Principe Residences & Golf with US$17 million and US$6 million for Travel and Mobility. (Grupo Piñero earmarks millionaire investment in the Caribbean for 2023).


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