Lopesan va construire un deuxième hôtel en République dominicaine

The Spanish chain Lopesan Hotel Group will develop a second hotel on the property it already owns in Bávaro – Punta Cana (Dominican Republic), undertaking the development of the second phase planned for the Lopesan Costa Bávaro Resort Spa & Casino complex.

This was announced by the company’s CEO, Francisco López, to the President of the country, Luis Abinader, and the Minister of Tourism, David Collado, during the DATE 2022 fair.

This new hotel will entail an investment by the company of 225 million euros (more than US$230 million). The new establishment will have 1,204 rooms, bringing Lopesan’s total number of rooms in the Caribbean country to 2,246.

lopesan Francisco Lopez Luis Abinader david Collado
From left to right, Francisco Lopez, CEO of Lopesan, Luis Abinader, President of the Dominican Republic, and David Collado, Dominican Minister of Tourism.

Over the past few years, Lopesan Hotel Group has invested €337 million in the country (more than $350 million), specifically, in the construction of the Lopersan Costa Bávaro Resort Spa & Casino, which opened in 2019. Since its opening, the resort has generated a total of 1,350 direct jobs and around 3,000 indirect jobs.

The hotel company emphasizes that the meeting between López, Abinader and Collado has served to consolidate the existing ties of cooperation between the Lopesan Group and the Dominican Executive, which contributes to the development of the Caribbean country’s tourism industry and, therefore, of its economy.

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