Meliá unveils interest in having a hotel in Santo Domingo

With the good pace of tourism recovery in the Dominican Republic, a broad program for the development of destinations (sun and beach destinations led by Pedernales and Miches) has been launched, attracting the attention of hotel chains, both traditional and new brands, all of which share an interest in expanding in the Dominican tourism market.

This boom in hotel growth also affects urban tourism in Santo Domingo, since its offer for the corporate market keeps several purely urban chains motivated, but also recognized hotel companies in the sun and beach segment in the country.

Such is the case of Meliá Hotels International, according to Santiago Rivera, Area Managing director of the chain in the Dominican Republic, Meliá is totally open to any opportunity that arises in the destinations of Pedernales and/or Miches, but they are looking a little more accurately at Santo Domingo.

“We believe that Santo Domingo is a city that is booming and Pedernales and Miches, with all the help of the government, will be a boom and later we will see the issue. Right now we are looking at things and issues a little more confidential that we will let you know later, “he added.

He reaffirmed that the Spanish chain does want to have a hotel in Santo Domingo “but we still have nothing concrete”.

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