Miches, a desirable location for Playa Hotels’ expansion in the DR

Playa Hotels and Resorts has already made known its intentions to continue growing in the Dominican Republic, due to the success of its managed establishments, but at the same time they are waiting for the development of new tourist destinations to also have a presence.

The emerging destinations in which the public and private sectors are working to promote their tourism benefits are Miches and Pedernales, so Roberto Garrido, vice president of operations of Playa Hotels in the DR, told arecoa.com that regarding the intention of hotel management in those areas have already participated in meetings for both destinations.

“In the short term, we understand that Miches is a bet to be taken into account and in fact, growth in that area is much more under consideration. In Pedernales, in our case, our group, right now we see it as in a second phase, so Miches if it would be before because it already has infrastructure and allows us to grow faster, “he emphasized.

Regarding the management of hotels in Santo Domingo, he indicated that so far Playa Hotels has only focused on all-inclusive vacation tourism and for now has ruled out MICE tourism.

Referring to the investment amounts, he recalled that the pandemic changed everything, so in the end it will depend on how the country manages to stabilize the rate level and “this gives us the guarantee of being able to spend more. Right now it is a balance, we will spend and invest according to what the country can offer us. Cap Cana has been a win-win and we believe that having other opportunities in the country would be great”.

Source: Arecoa

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