Miches hotel development advances: Viva Wyndham to open in December

Amanda Santana, executive vice president of sales and marketing for Viva Wyndham Resorts, informed that the Viva Wyndham Miches will open next December 11, 2024 in a destination that is being developed by the government in partnership with the private sector with the goal of being a new tourism hub that is perfect in terms of sustainability and natural beauty.

“While Viva has been around for 37 years, we are very selective about how and where we grow. It has to be the right thing to do,” he said.

He indicated that for the newly constructed 538-room property, Phase 1 of what will be a two-part project that will ultimately feature 750 rooms in total was developed. The first project involves an investment of US$80 million and is expected to cost a total of US$137 million.

“Viva Miches will be built on the company’s traditional pillars: a beautiful beach, high quality gastronomy, an entertainment program different from other all-inclusive operators and value. The new resort will offer those pillars, including a stunning beach and dining options that include an all-day buffet, as well as Latin, Asian, seafood and Mediterranean restaurants, and a dessert creperie,” he added.

An important differentiator for Viva, he said, is the fact that “we want people to enjoy experiences they don’t normally have. It may be sports, but the way we do entertainment is really different”.

Santana detailed that sustainability has always been in Viva’s DNA, which is why he said that even “when it was not discussed as much as it is today. Since the Miches area is home to endangered leatherback turtles, the resort will actively work to protect them, as well as the surrounding area and the water.”

“All of Viva’s properties are Wyndham Green certified,’ he reminded.

Meanwhile, Erika Sordo, the hotelier’s director of marketing and public relations, said they are launching a new rewards program for U.S. travel advisors called Viva Pro Rewards that will offer cash benefits from the first sale.

He said the rewards will be in addition to regular commissions. Advisors can redeem the rewards in three ways: cash, Amazon gift cards or stays at Viva properties. If they choose stays, rewards will be valued at 1.5 times regular tiers, so each US$1 earned will be worth US$1.50. “As soon as a guest leaves ‘there’s money in the bank for advisors.’


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