Billy May Interview

This week I have the honor to publish an interview of the young and very talented designer and creator of the Torn Lights, Billy May. He’s 22 and comes from Virginia in the United States of America.

Lucie H
” Hi Billy May.
Before presenting yourself, answer this question that all music lovers ask themselves: Is it a coincidence you have the same name than the famous musician or is it a nickname that has a specific history ?”
Billy May
” Hehe, I actually was not aware of Billy May the musician until just recently when trying to track down blog posts on the lights.
It is indeed a coincidence, but to be honest, I hear my name drawn in comparison to Billy Mays the As-Seen-On-TV guy who sells Oxi-Clean much more often.”
Lucie H
“I read that you were recently graduated from Washington and Lee University , please explain us your path in the design world.”
Billy May
“My degree from W& L is actually a BS in business administration, so all my design work is stuff that I was able to fit in on the side.
What jumpstarted my efforts, however, was scoring an internship in NYC after my junior year.
After the internship, I realized design is really where I should be and have been working hard in trying to find gainful employment in the field.”
Lucie H
“The wonderful “torn lights” have a great success and seduced many persons.
When were they launched and what was the process you passed trough to reach this result ?”
Billy May
“The light fixtures are actually purely conceptual and the images mere renderings.
However, because of the level of interested generated by all the blogs and internet press, I am actively working with to put them into production.
I don’t know how long off they are, but hopefully they will be available Q4 ’08 or Q1 ’09.”
Lucie H
“But these Torn Lamps are not your only creation, tell us about the other ones and your future projects.”
Billy May
“Well, all my work can be found on .
The projects are pretty self explanatory, but I will admit that after looking back I realized most of them make significant use of light.
I’ve found that I unconsciously use light often to bring focus to a project and direct the eye to what is most important in a room or piece.
I’m kind of hesitant to talk about future projects as I feel that until the press images are ready words will only muddle the concept rather than inform.
That being said, right now I’m working on an eyewear concept for bicyclists as well as a coffee table.”
Lucie H
“Thank you for allowing us to know you a little bit better. We wish you the best and that you will keep creating great design objects for us to talk about.”
Billy May
“Thank you so much for the opportunity to talk about my work.
I am still looking for employment and the press and attention that you bring to my work has helped greatly.”

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