CODUE congratulates Ministry of Education’s decision to include Bibles in school books

The Dominican Council of Evangelical Unity (CODUE), congratulated the decision of the Ministry of Education to deliver Bibles to schools along with other titles within the Dominicana Lee program aimed at encouraging reading in public school students.

The representative of the entity, Pastor Feliciano Lacen Custodio, expressed his joy at knowing that the Bible, the most read, translated and interpreted book in the world, will have a place in Dominican education, not as religious dogma, but as a literary work that is important to know, analyze and reflect upon.

“We must see the bible as something more than religion, the Bible is history, the history of man who divided humanity into before and after him. It is a book full of reflections, of teachings, of cultural richness,” expressed Lancen. “And it is useful to teach, to correct, to instruct in justice, so that the man of God may be perfect, entirely prepared for every good work”.

Through a press release CODUE states its full support for Dominican education to include the reading of the Bible, and emphasizes that if the MINERD is going to distribute hundreds of titles of the main literary works, leaving out the Bible would simply be an act of meanness and ignorance. CODUE is therefore making some premises available to implement this program.

It should be noted that the Dominican Republic was the first country in the world to celebrate the “National Bible Day”, established every September 27, by Law 208-84.

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