Bachata: from Dominican to Tangana and Nathy Peluso

“Bachata is the most sincere and honest song, born of the people, without dressing, without hiding things that are not well done, because in folklore there is nothing incoherent, there is nothing wrong, it is spontaneous, it simply is. It is neither good nor bad, it is beautiful, the song of my people” Casanova, 2008.

The rich cultural tradition of the Caribbean islands has given the world culture numerous manifestations that allow us to see how, within their own roots and in the formation of the new culture arising from the Spanish and African traditions, they generate an identity rich in artistic manifestations. Even though these artistic manifestations arise in the marginality of the most underprivileged strata of society, they later become a cultural asset of humanity.

Today, bachata, declared Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity in 2019, is one of the musical and dance genres on the rise. Emerged in the Dominican Republic as a popular manifestation, it has become one of the fashionable rhythms in Europe and has produced, in the music market, millionaire profits for both producers and artists of the genre. A recent example is the success of “Ateo”, the song by C. Tangana and Nathy Peluso.

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